Wednesday, March 21, 2018

N. 63: R. Rattu

G. it. Ent., 15 (63): 111-118
March 2018

Osservazioni su Cebrio (Tibesia) melonii Rattu, 2014:
descrizione della femmina, note ecologiche e geonemiche 
(Coleoptera, Elateridae, Elaterinae, Cebrionini)



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Riassunto - Viene descritta la femmina di Cebrio (Tibesia) melonii Rattu, 2014 sino ad ora nota di un unico reperto incompleto. Campionamenti condotti nell'arco di quattro anni hanno evidenziato che la specie, endemica di un ristretto tratto costiero della Sardegna sud-occidentale, appare elemento psammofilo dei complessi dunali costieri consolidati.

Abstract - Observations on Cebrio (Tibesia) melonii Rattu, 2014: description of the female, ecological and chorological notes (Coleoptera, Elateridae, Elaterinae, Cebrionini) - The female of Cebrio (Tibesia) melonii Rattu, 2014 is described based on two specimens, one of which collected thanks to the presence of males that, looking for the female, have permitted a reasonably certain identification. External morphological features: brownish-yellow, with overall shiny appearance because of the small and sparse punctation on pronotum and elytra, the punctation denser and deeper on front and vertex of head. The yellowish-white pubescence long, more evident on the anterior margin and sides of pronotum, and at the base and lateral margins of elytra. Epistome and labium on different levels, the former slightly protruding on the latter; labium broadly emarginate anteriorly. Eyes weakly convex, not flattened. Pronotum subrectangular, anterior side entire, without notch; posterior angles with a short spine-like apophysis. Apex of scutellum entire, without notch. Elytra triangular and long, their apex clearly exceeding metacoxae; lateral margins of elytra weakly sinuate in correspondence of metacoxae. This species is strictly confined to sandy coastal habitats and is known from a few coastal localities in south-western Sardinia.