Friday, March 24, 2017

N. 62: G. Curletti

G. it. Ent., 14 (62): 651-654
March 2017

Supplement to
the Contribution to the Genus Agrilus Curtis, 1825
(Coleoptera Buprestidae)
based on the expedition "Our Planet Reviewed"
in Papua New Guinea



* Museo Civico di Storia Naturale, Via S. Francesco di Sales 188, I-10022 Carmagnola TO, ITALY. E-mail:

Abstract - This contribution adds new data to the knowledge of the genus Agrilus Curtis, 1825 in Papua New Guinea, thanks to further material collected during the “Our Planet Reviewed” expedition in the country: the presence of Agrilus (Agrilus) pretiosus pretiosus Deyrolle, 1864 is reported, and Agrilus (Agrilus) novotnyi, new to science, is described. 

Riassunto - Supplemento al contributo sul genere Agrilus Curtis, 1825 basato sul materiale raccolto durante la spedizione “Our Planet Reviewed” in Papua New Guinea. Ulteriori campionamenti permettono di segnalare Agrilus (Agrilus) pretiosus pretiosus Deyrolle, 1864 e di descrivere la nuova specie Agrilus (Agrilus) novotnyi.