Wednesday, March 21, 2018

N. 63: a brief history

No. 63
a brief history

Issue 63 was picked up from printers, as traditional "ink on paper" (color offset) copies, on March 20th, 2018, on March 21st, 2018, copies were mailed to subscribers all over the world, reasonably copies reached subscribers during March, reasonably issue 63, with its contents, was made public during March. The DATE PRINTED on Giornale is March 2018, this is also the true DATE OF PUBLICATION. Several electronic formats, e.g. PDFs, JPEGs etc. of Giornale at High Definition, identical to the traditional "ink on paper" copies, have been also widely distributed. No. 63 is a 232 pages issue enriched by 183 color images.
The articles of this issue all treat COLEOPTERA.
The CARABIDAE are the most considered (29%, 7 new species described), P. Magrini (Florence) studying the hypogean genus Typhloreicheia in Sardinia (Italy) [with C. Onnis (Maracalagonis, Cagliari) and L. Fancello (Cagliari)], the genus Ocys in the Pre-Alps [with L. Petruzziello (Remedello, Brescia)], and the genus Perucharidius from Peru [with A. Benelli (Scarperia e San Piero, Florence)]; G. Trezzi (Sesto San Giovanni, Milan) describing a new species of the trechine genus Paratrechus from Colombia; V. Monzini (San Giuliano Milanese, Milan) describing a new species of Stomis from Slovenia.
The SCARABAEOIDEA follow (21%, 8 new species), with T. Ochi (Osaka, Japan) and M. Kon (Kyoto, Japan) treating the geotrupid genera Odontotrypes and Phelotrupes in China [with Ming Bai (Beijing, People’s Republic of China)], and the genera Copris and Phelotrupes in Vietnam [with Hong Thai Pham (Hanoi, Vietnam)]; L. Milani (Calvignasco, Milan) revising the Neotropical dynastine genera Minisiderus and Brachysiderus; A. Vannini (Prato) reporting the presence of Lucanus cervus in C Italy.
The STAPHYLINIDAE (12%, 7 new species), by A. Bordoni (Florence) and P. Magrini [a new Lathrobium from Emilia], and L. Fancello and P. Leo (Cagliari) [new Sardinian species of the scydmenine Eudesis and Pseudoeudesis].
The BUPRESTIDAE (10%, 17 new species), studied by G. Curletti (Carmagnola, Turin) [the genus Agrilus in tropical Africa].
The CURCULIONOIDEA (10%, 2 new species), treated by L. Diotti (Cinisello Balsamo, Milan), R. Caldara (Milan), R. Monguzzi (Milan) [species new to the fauna of Italy, and a new synonymy], and by E. Orbach (Israel) and L. Bartolozzi (Florence) [the brenthid genus Calodromus in Indochina].
The CANTHARIDAE (7%, 1 new species), by F. Fanti (Piazze, Siena), describing a new fossil species from Baltic amber [with R. Michalski (Wrocław, Poland)], and treating the taxa of Cantharidae, Lampyridae and Lycidae described by the German naturalist Gistel (1809-1873).
The MONOTOMIDAE, CLAMBIDAE and CRYPTOPHAGIDAE (7%) are studied by F. Angelini (Francavilla Fontana, Brindisi), M. Bocci (Fermignano, Pesaro), J. C. Otero (Santiago de Compostela, Spain), and M. Boukal (Czech Republic) for the fauna of Italy, with new records.
The ELATERIDAE and CERAMBYCIDAE (4%) by R. Rattu (Cagliari) [Cebrio melonii in Sardinia], and A. Vannini [Cerambyx cerdo in C Italy], respectively.
We can so add 42 species to the planet fauna.

All articles are abstracted in the BLOG.