Wednesday, March 23, 2016

N. 61: S. Prepsl

G. it. Ent., 14 (61): 463-480
March 2016

New taxa of African Acmaeoderinae
(Coleoptera: Buprestidae)



* Vondrákova 2a, 63500 Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC. E-mail:

Abstract - Fourteen new species, as well as one new subspecies of Acmaeodera - A. (Acmaeodera) krajciki (Kenya), A. (Acmaeotethya) tanzanica (Tanzania), A. (Acmaeotethya) sosomae (Kenya), A. (Acmaeotethya) sosomae gottwaldi (Tanzania), A. (Acmaeotethya) erongoensis (Namibia), A. (Rugacmaeodera) snizeki (Kenya), A. (Rugacmaeodera) zanzibarensis (Tanza-nia), A. (Rugacmaeodera) garseni (Kenya), A. (Rugacmaeodera) namibdesertica (Namibia), A. (Rugacmaeodera) solwezica (Zambia), A. (Rugacmaeodera) somalica (Somalia), A. (Rugacmaeodera) burkinensis (Burkina Faso), A. (Rugacmaeodera) vera (Tanzania), A. (Ptychomus) mourgliai (Kenya), A. (Ptychomus) gianassoi  (Somalia) -, and one new species of Xantheremia -X. (Paratethya) awashensis (Ethiopia) - are described and illustrated.