Friday, March 6, 2015

No. 60: a brief history

No. 60
a brief history

Issue 60 was picked up from printers, as traditional "ink on paper" (color offset) copies, on March 4th, 2015, between March 5-6th, 2015, copies were mailed to subscribers all over the world, reasonably most of them reached subscribers during March, reasonably issue 60, with its contents, was made public during March. The DATE PRINTED on Giornale is March 2015, this is also the true DATE OF PUBLICATION. Several electronic formats, e.g. PDFs, JPEGs etc. [… we all hope that 2115 PCs will read them …], of Giornale at High Definition, identical to the traditional "ink on paper" copies, have been also widely distributed. No. 60 is a 264 pages issue enriched by 193 color images.
Guests first. T. Ochi and M. Kon (Japan) contribute to the knowledge of the scarab (Coleoptera Scarabaeide and Geotrupidae) fauna of SE Asia describing one new species of Paraphytus, 4 of Onthophagus and 3 of Phelotrupes.
W. Opitz (Gainesville, Florida), for long engaged in the phylogeny of the Coleoptera Cleridae, revises the genus Korynetes, to which he adds 17 new species.
P. Magrini (Florence), L. Fancello (Cagliari), A. Degiovanni (Bubano di Mordano), A. Petrioli (Asciano), C. Onnis (Maracalagonis), A. Paladini (Vicchio), A. Benelli (Scarperia e San Piero), R. Monguzzi (Milan) (all Italian) never get tired of exploring the beetle fauna of the ground, so describing 9 new taxa in the Coleoptera Carabidae (genera Prioniomus [Greece], Typhloreicheia [Sicily, Sardinia], Trechus [Alps], Duvalius [W Italy]) and Curculionidae (genera Otiorhynchus [Sardinia] and Torneuma [Sicily]), and reporting a Coleoptera Carabidae (genus Anophthalmus) new to the Italian fauna.
Far away, in Bolivia, at other altitudes, M. Guzzetti (Tradate) does the same, describing with G. Trezzi (Sesto San Giovanni) two new species in the Coleoptera Carabidae (genus Trechisibus), also these authors are Italian.
It is more and more difficult for S. Facchini (Piacenza, Italy) to find new African species of Harpalinae (Coleoptera Carabidae) to describe, anyway, also this time he succeeded: 1 new species of Loxoncus, 2 of Harpalus, 2 of Notiobia, 3 of Amblystomus, 3 of Pseudohyparpalus.
Let's move to fresh waters, to read E. Gentili (Varese, Italy) and M. Fikáček (Czech Republic) describing two new species of the Coleoptera Hydrophilidae Laccobius from Nepal and the Mediterranean.
G. Curletti (Carmagnola, Italy) and S. Brûlé (France) are involved instead in studies on the Neotropical herbivores of the Coleoptera Buprestidae Agrilus and Agriloides: 7 new species are described.
C. Canepari (San Donato Milanese, Italy) prefers ladybirds (Coleoptera Coccinellidae) and describes a new species of Coelophora from Borneo.
L. Diotti (Cinisello Balsamo), C. Pesarini (Milan), R. Caldara (Milan) [all Italian] revise the genus Cotaster of the Coleoptera Curculionidae: it comprises 4 true species, 2 described as new.
Now we know this planet hosts further 59 species.

All articles are abstracted in the BLOG.