Friday, March 6, 2015

N. 60: R. Monguzzi

G. it. Ent., 14 (60): 45-50
March 2015

Una nuova specie di Trechus delle Prealpi Bergamasche
(Coleoptera Carabidae Trechinae)



* Via M. Malpighi 8, I-20129 Milano MI, ITALY. E-mail:

Abstract - A new Trechus species from the Bergamo Prealps (Coleoptera Carabidae Trechinae) - Trechus orobicus n. sp. from Mt. Alben (Orobic Prealps near Bergamo, Lombardy, N Italy) is described. It belongs to the “group of Trechus obtusiusculussensu JEANNEL (1927) and is strictly related to T. modestus Putzeys, and even more to T. bergamascus Jeannel, but it is easily distinguished for the different shapes of the aedeagus as a whole and the copulatory piece of the inner sac, and the colour of antennae, which are darkened.